Benefit  of installing the Weed-EZr Universal wheel assembly 

No more aching back from Trimming ! 

Its easy to use - rolls along the trim line of your lawn!

Can be used with one arm!

You can keep your yard nice even with stenosis or other nagging back pains !!

Baby boomers delight !! 


Baby Boomer Blessing 

Stop Swinging that trimmer and destroying your back !!!!!

Patent pending

 Universal and Easy Mounting System- developed by Aircraft Tooling and Manufacturing Engineers -- using aircraft grade aluminium materials for light weight and super strength !



About Weed-EZr

The Weed-Ezr 

from Innovative Products

Weed-Ezr will uphold its promise and mission "To make life better and yard work more enjoyable for everyone"


universal wheel assembly for your existing lawn trimmer