universal wheel assembly for your existing lawn trimmer

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Mike Quinn - Design Engineer


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To Make Life better for everyone -through Innovation 

Kathy Abney


Joe Abney

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For close to 20 years Joe and Kathy have dedicated their careers to designing and distributing products that positively impact peoples lives -- making them better, safer and more rewarding.

The Weed-EZr design was a development for making it possible for handicapped folks  (specifically a person with  only one functional arm) still be able to use their lawn trimmer - the serendipitous phenomenon appeared when they realized the universally mounted WEED-EZr could easy the work for anyone !! 

About Us

After back surgery I was told not to lift anything over the weight of a half gallon of milk -- I love keeping my yard looking great and the Weed-EZr allows me to keep it groomed with out lifting at all.

Bob W


I am an older adult Stenosis is always causing me terrible back pain. With the Weed-EZr I can still easily trim my yard.

Stan A

-- Barry Level, Acme Enterprises
I'm afraid of heights, but that didn't stop Brick from designing a fantastic single-story space for our real estate firm.
-- Sophia Phobia, Main Street Realty